1st Class Roadmarking utilise professional skills and knowledge to produce quality road markings to public roads, car parks and school playgrounds.  These are the main areas covered, however 1st Class Roadmarking also provide safety markings for warehouses and industrial grounds and temporary markings for work sites.  The services provided include removal of lines using appropriate method for the surface type and the application of either thermoplastic, paint, anti-slip or anti-skid materials.


We use Thermoplastic that is a high specification highway marking material which are available in a range of performance grades meeting the performance requirements of European Norm BS EN 1436.  Thermoplastic is the longest lasting material, depending on ground condition and

C R Paint

A very hard-wearing chemically resistant paint. Ideal where conditions require a degree of chemical and water resistance. It is excellent for road markings where high visibility and durability is a must.  This is used where the surface type is not compatible with Thermoplastic.

Anti-slip Paint

Anti-Slip Paint is often used in playgrounds and warehouse grounds, where safety is a priority for staff or users.  It is a quality paint with a good durability and longevity.  It comes in a range of colours.

Anti-skid Coating

Anti skid provides a textured, slip-resistant coating for areas where the highest durability is needed and user safety is key. Such as highways, roundabouts, junctions, cycle lanes and traffic calmimg. 


Removal of lines, by either burning off the lines or scabbling off, depending on the type of surface and condition.  Quality machinery used for either method.